Red garnet hydro quartz earrings

Red garnet hydro quartz earrings



3/4 inch red garnet hydro quartz (manmade) drops earrings, 24K vermeil petal earwires.

 These beautiful red garnet hydro quartz drops measure 3/4", and with the 24K gold vermeil petal earwires (24K matte gold over sterling silver), they measure 1 1/2" long.

 Natural garnets this vivid and large are quite expensive, so these manmade hydro quartz garnets give you the look of the genuine gem while still having all the same properties of a genuine gem!

Rhodolite Garnet is a warm, trusting and sincere gem. It stimulates contemplation, intuition and inspiration. It stimulates the metabolism and treats heart, lungs and hips. All red garnets represent love. Attuned to heart energy, it revitalizes feelings and enhances sexuality. Red garnet controls anger, especially towards oneself!

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